Rangextd WiFi extender

flashing lights issue of a Rangextd WiFi extender

The Rangextd WiFi extender is an efficacious wireless range extender that increases the signal strength of your home router. But sometimes this is conferring up the lights flashing issue. It is expressly showing off due to the slow-moving or more poor network connection. The LED signal light is the main light that shows the working status of this networking device. Every range extender has a signal light detector to indicate the favourable connection between your wireless router. If the successful network connection is made up by your router into the range extender, at while your range extender blinks the light.If the LED signal light of the range extender does not blink, the main reason is that surely it’s not configured with your wireless router. This is also an issue due to inadequate location. So, keep this wireless range extender in an accurate location and ensure that your device blinks now. If the signal lights of the range extender are blinking then it is indicating the connection status between your router and extender. Additionally, if your router is not connecting with your range extender then your extender signal light might keep blinking or flickering again and again. In the below, there are specified steps for solving this occurring issue.

1. Ensure that the power cable of the Rangxd WiFi extender is attached appropriately:

Sometimes, the LED signal lights will be flashing repeatedly due to misconfiguration. Ensure that firstly that it is configured adequately with your home router network. If this is not configured then in the below, some steps are mentioned for resolving the lights flashing issue. You have to follow the following steps:

  • Unplug your wireless router and range extender first and leave all unplugging wires as it is.
  • Attach the wires adequately of both (router and extender) of the devices with the power source and verify that the power source is working perfectly.
  • Now, let’s switch on the power of your router and similarly, also switch on your range extender power.
  • Momentarily, the power status indicator blinks to indicate the working status of the devices.
  • Meanwhile, you have to establish the internet connection or bond between your router and range extender using the WPS connection.
  • Hold the WPS button of the range extender just for three to five seconds and as well as, also hold your router’s WPS button to unite its network with your modem.
  • Meanwhile, the internet signal light indicator indicates the light to show that the internet connection is favourably placed in your extender.

Hence, if you configure your wireless range extender adequately, then you are not faced with such kinds of errors via this range extender. Aside from this, if your device light is not flashed then below are the specific steps mentioned for its occurring issue.

2. Verify the ISP server connection is delivers network connection perfectly:

If your Rangextd signal light is flashing repeatedly then it seems to be occurring due to your internet service provider issue. So, let’s emulate the below-given points to solving this error.

  • Preeminent assure that there is no ISP issue.
  • If you have to face the issue from the ISP provider then contact him and resolve this error.

As a result, your wireless range extender flashing lights issue is now fixed. Attach the Ethernet cable repeatedly and verify that it’s working now. If it is still not working then you have another option to solve it that’s mentioned below.

3. Reset the Rangextd WiFi extender:

If the range extender is unfathomable to taking up the network of your router then its signal lights keep blinking repeatedly. So, as a result, you have to face being stuck using its network. Therefore, to use the network of this range extender, you have to do some following steps.

  • To make its network connection capable, just hold the wireless range extender device reset button.
  • The reset button of the RangeXTD is located on the backside. Find it accordingly and keep holding up this button merely for several seconds.
  • Use the pin and insert it under the hole to hold this device reset button.
  • Keep holding up the reset button, merely for ten to fifteen seconds.
  • When the light of this range extender is blinking smoothly then it means this is ready for taking up the network of the router.
  • After this, unite the router’s internet with the cooperation of the WPS connection.
  • Now, again verify the signal light after uniting the network of the router. If that blinks solid green it means the occurring issue is resolving now.

In order to reset your wireless range extender, if the issue is resolved successfully then it’s well and good for your device. If this is now solved then the below also mention more steps to resolving it. Follow these steps in a series to resolve it happily.

4. Update the Firmware of the range extender:

When your wireless range extender is not capable of taking up the wireless router network then it means this issue will be occurring due to an outdated version of your device. The updated version of this range extender firmware is not showing these types of issues. So, let’s update its firmware including the latest version. Here are the following steps to update its firmware:

  • Visit the official website of the Rangextd extender setup or use the IP to explore its web page.
  • While you surf this web address the login windows appear on your device it is a must necessary for updating the firmware.
  • First, finish this process by entering the username in the admin field and password in the password field.
  • Now, automatically on the next page, its setup page appears for modifying the changes.
  • Let’s find the update option here and update your device with the most advanced (latest) version and resolve this issue.
  • Ensure that the signal light has to blink momentarily adequately.

If the Rangextd WiFi range extender signal light blinks adequately and does not flash again and again. That means it now keeps flashing the issue it solves.

5. Other ways to fix the flashing lights issue of a Rangextd WiFi extender:

Below, is meticulous information that is described to fix the range extender flashing lights issue, let’s follow it.

  • This wireless range extender units with any kind of standard router and let’s begin working from any location.
  • But sometimes, if you place this wireless range extender in an inadequate location or in a location where there is no internet signal.
  • Then, it is not capable of accessing the signal of your router and shows up the flashing light error.
  • So, just keep this wireless extender in an operating location and not keep it too far away from the wireless router.
  • After replacing the range extender, let’s recheck the signal status of the lights and ensure that its network is working now well.

Eventually, tackle these steps and resolve your wireless range extender issue in a proper way.