RangeXTD wifi booster

RangeXTD wifi booster installation, Troubleshooting, and review

The RangeXTD wifi booster is unquestionably a next-generation wireless extender that comes with the latest technology. This technology makes it compatible with working any standard access points, 802.11 standard wireless routers, or more. So, you can easily boost your device’s network through this without any hassle. In spite of this, the RangeXTD Wifi Range Extender has also included some new advanced features to super-boost the wifi network in your computer, laptops, or more devices. Basically, it is a whole-home networking system or booster that can be helpful to online streaming and surfing the setup page through the browser.This extender provides your existing wireless network range speeds up to 300 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz band. Also, it has two powerful signal antennas and an LED network strength indicator that shows the network. If you have to use this wifi booster then it can easily eliminate your struggling and causing issues such as buffering, time-lags, and also banish the dead zones because its network reaches every corner and edge of your home. After the configurations, you are able to stream online videos, your favorite online shows, lag-free online work, and play games without any interruption.

RangeXTD wifi booster installation via WPS button

There is no networking device in the world that can provide the network without setup and its configuration. Therefore, follow the below-given rangextd wifi booster installation steps.

  • Before doing anything, you have to make a place for it before unpacking the rangextd.
  • Hence, you should choose an open and airy place for it.
  • Now, let’s start the installation. Firstly unbox it and then keep it there or midway between the router.
  • Afterward, you have to read the RangeXTD Setup Manual carefully to get the setup instructions.
  • Additionally, you will read the quick installation guide, it is also helpful to installing your device easily.
  • Now, you have to choose the mode to set it up easily. There are three modes: repeater mode, router mode, and access point mode through the web interface.
  • Then, the plugin now you’re rangextd together with the power socket and turn on the switch to turn on the power of the rangextd.
  • Then, hold the WPS button of the router for a few seconds to join the router’s wifi network with the extender.
  • If it is connecting with your device properly, then its LED light blinks.

Congrats, finally the rangextd booster installation and initial configuration are successfully completed in like manner. So, follow the above given rangextd installation instructions to install your extender.

RangeXTD wifi booster Login

There are so many ways for the RangeXTD login. By choosing any mode, you can log in to it. Hence, follow here given steps to log in through the web-based mode.

  • Firstly, after configuring your device also start the power of your devices like a computer, laptop, tablet, android phone, or etc.
  • Now, be sure that it is connected with wifi or not. If it is not connecting with your same extender network then it connects with the network.
  • The wifi network is really necessary to log in to any networking device. Therefore, connect it first with the wifi network.
  • To reach the RangeXTD login page, similarly, you have to choose the best searching platform like a web interface, Mozilla, Firefox, or more.
  • You can choose the one mode according to your choice and which is the best in comparison to others.
  • Finally, you start accessing the extender login page with a web interface.
  • Thus, you have to search the RangeXTD admin login through the IP address that is such as or https://www.ragextdsetup.com.
  • At last, just put the login password and admin wifi SSID username in the login box and complete the login process by tapping the enter key or click on the “login” option.

Thus, the process of the Rangextd wifi booster login is successfully finished.

RangeXTD wifi booster Manual

Undoubtedly, the user manual comes with every expensive product. Whether it is a product like paint products, any electric device (TVs, fridge, or etc.), or even if you buy short dangerous products like mosquito deadening medicine or etc. then it also comes with it. So, one of the
networking routers and extenders, which also comes with a user manual. So, without reading it can not start its working and installation process. Hence, you read it carefully and after reading it, strat you working according to Rangextd manual instructions. If you can not understand its instructions especially in managing it, then read the full and explained instructions below.

RangeXTD wifi booster Setup

Sometimes, the rangextd not working properly, then you have managed its setting first. There are some management and RangeXTD password setup steps which are given below.

  • First, go into the extender login page through the login.
  • Just login and open the administrating setting page through the setting option which was displayed on the PC screen.
  • To change the password. Just select a network setting option and open it.
  • Under it, you have to choose the wireless network password setting.
  • After that, follow the instructions on the PC screen which are helpful to change the setting of the password easily.
  • Therefore, follow these instructions and after applying them, finally you have to tap the enter key.

Thus, the Rangextd booster setup and password are reset now and your settings were also reset properly.

RangeXTD wifi booster Troubleshooting guide

There is no permanent solution to fixing and troubleshoot your rangextd various issues. So, here below, I give some steps which are usually helping you to troubleshoot the various issues.

  • If the RangeXtd WiFi extender is not working, it is caused due to not completing the range extender setup and configuration process properly. So, after rebooting it, again set it up accordingly.
  • Moreover, to troubleshoot the rangextd WiFi extender connected but no Internet problem, you have to check it first with your existing router or main hub router network. To work it fine, if your main hub router location is too far away from the extender then move it closer to the rangextd.
  • Additionally, if you have to cause with rangextd wifi keeps disconnecting or slow network connection issues, then you have to troubleshoot it, by removing all the unnecessary connecting devices which were not unusable.
  • In spite of this, If your rangextd wifi is not connecting with your multiple devices, then you have to follow the above all the instructions to set it up.
  • To troubleshoot the Rangextd LED light not flashes issue, you have to reboot it. If it does not blink, then you have to update or reset it.

So, these are some ways to rangextd troubleshooting which are helping you to fix the various issues like the above-given issues.

RangeXtd wifi booster reviews

I ordered my new range extender device that is rangeXTD. I purchased it through amazon and before purchasing it I also read the RangeXtd wifi reviews to know if it is perfect or not. So, after inspiring through the various reviews, I got it up for my home. My home is very big and my origins man hub router can not cover my whole home. Therefore, I purchased It and I use this range Xtd in the middle between my home and after connecting with my main hub router i really easily use it literally “plug & play.”


Q1. How to reset the RangeXtd booster easily?

You can easily reset your rangextd through the RangeXtd reset button. Just hold it up with any pin for fifteen seconds. After resetting the booster, you have to leave the reset button.

Q2. How easy is the RangeXtd firmware update process?

The Rangextd firmware update in comparison to the other extender is very easy. Through the system update menu, you can easily update it with a new and latest version.

Q3. How to change the RangeXTD setup password?

If you want to change the password RangeXtd setup, then go into the Rangextd website and by following the instructions of the PC screen, you haveṣ to change it.

Q4. How to make rangextd secure?

By using the WPN security system and more security modes like using a password etc. You can easily make it secure.